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  • Video surveillance was supernatural plot to retrieve children


    Reporter Chen BingCorrespondent JosasaApril 13th at noon, on duty police officers had the mountain monkey mouth is ready to eat. Just to the cafeteria is not firmly secured, he received 110 orders said the area has a 7 year old boy lost. After the alarm, the mountain had no time to eat immediately co… [MORE]

  • Video surveillance technology transformation application advantages


    Video surveillance technology is in the transition periodVideo surveillance technology is in the transition period, new technology, new products continue to emerge, provide more choices for us. But the transition is not simply paraplasm, but both are gradually combined, fusion, conversion. The advant… [MORE]

  • How to analyze whether the normal work of the remote control receiver


    (1) identify the quality of the remote control receiverIf the distance of remote control anti-theft system too close or remote control does not work, should consider whether the remote control receiver circuit failure. To determine whether the normal work of the remote control receiver, commonly used… [MORE]

  • Intelligent power-saving switch


    Intelligent power-saving switchInfrared intelligent power-saving switch automatic control products based on infrared technology, when someone enters the sensing range, special sensors to detect the infrared spectra of the human body, automatically switch on load, people do not leave the sensing range… [MORE]