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Video surveillance was supernatural plot to retrieve children

add time:2013-04-18



Reporter Chen Bing

Correspondent Josasa

April 13th at noon, on duty police officers had the mountain monkey mouth is ready to eat. Just to the cafeteria is not firmly secured, he received 110 orders said the area has a 7 year old boy lost. After the alarm, the mountain had no time to eat immediately contact the police. The call is connected, came the clatter of voice: "the police, my son was abducted, how to do? How to do? We worried to death. " Here the high officer first placate alarm people's emotions, and as fast as people rushed to the police.

The high mountain after asking that the lost boy, 7 years old this year, around 9 am the day as usual, he went downstairs and small partners to play, the family did not mind. But the lunch time, such as not to delay the child home, family looking to no avail. To understand the situation, an idea flashed in my mind: high police video surveillance in this area is relatively perfect, can help. Then, he took the kids and parents to monitor access to residential property management office. The high officer know parents mood, very carefully to see video monitoring several times, and ultimately determine the child not out of the cell. "You don't worry, the child should not out of the cell, quickly contact the village acquaintances, ask the child if their home."

Listen to the high officer said, some parents of children brow stretch. The multi contact after finally know, children love computer games, but usually the parents are strict, to limit his playing time. Because this day is just over the weekend, he went downstairs and small partners play I want to play the game, then to compare his doting relatives to play the game, the play will forget the time. The relatives thought the parents know the child over, so it does not specifically inform parents of children. While the children play happily and forget time, which appeared in the beginning of the scene.

That child safe, high mountain is also happy, and together with the parents of children to relatives. After seeing the children, parents caught the child in her arms, to cry. High officer glad but was criticized for children. "Baby, mom and dad are anxious to see what looks like? Feel bad you not? " He suddenly saw the computer beside the bowl, then continued: "Beibei must be eaten? Mom and dad to find you even talk to drink, after go out to play with their parents must say clearly, if you do not go home also must tell parents cry, so they don't worry, you know?" Listen to the high officer's remarks at the crying child to parents, said: "the police uncle, I know I was wrong, will not."


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