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Video surveillance technology transformation application advantages

add time:2013-04-18



Video surveillance technology is in the transition period

Video surveillance technology is in the transition period, new technology, new products continue to emerge, provide more choices for us. But the transition is not simply paraplasm, but both are gradually combined, fusion, conversion. The advantage is that it can gain the essence of digital expression and more abundant information, and can greatly reduce the system resource. In the process of digital video system, had the last video cables long, analog-to-digital conversion problems are not only in what place, how to make sure the system can get better image quality.

Promotion of HD monitoring system, we must first clear high-definition image can show its advantages in what ways. Obviously, in the observation of the local image and hope

I hope to receive the image details, the value of high-definition image can be reflected. Such as: electronic police or road bayonet system in license plate recognition, the number of pixels will be enough to get higher recognition rate. But in the real time environment usually, little difference in HD image and standard definition image effect; image analysis, image stability of frame rate (time resolution) is high, and the image (spatial) resolution is not high; the target separation and analysis, is mainly based on the target contour, color information, do not pay attention to the details of the image.

Implementation of road HD video surveillance system hd-cctv and network video two schemes. From the media, the network video seems to be very high, the latest hd-cctv voice gradually, in fact, mature technology and image quality, which is an advantage, but due to the limited bandwidth, limited application range.

Hd-cctv, developed by SDI broadcasting system, from the system structure: it is an extension of the traditional control mode, the core character of special structure and closed the transmission medium. The camera output video stream does not subcontract, no compression, so, image transmission without distortion, no jitter, good real-time performance, provide the best image analysis system for intelligent image background. This structure to the system from SD to HD, conversion from analog to digital smoothing, but does not mean that the smooth transition is fully compatible, the so-called "plug in" is wrong, that it is exactly the same point of view is wrong with analog video. Using the coaxial cable or BNC connector and CCTV simulation system in product system in performance is completely different.

Network video, using digital video network platform system. Its characteristic is open, the system can be independently generated, easy system expansion and upgrading. At present, video monitoring system based on network transmission has been widely used, but compared with the analog video surveillance system, the image quality also showed no advantage.

At present, many new technical requirements on resources and environmental conditions is very high, the application will be limited; at the same time, the effect can be achieved with

Hope there are gaps. Therefore, the correct understanding of the applicability and limitation of the new technology, do not blindly pursue new technology, produce high expectations is produced

A major focus of industry healthy development.

Video surveillance application features

Video surveillance technology plays an important role in security system. What it has outstanding characteristics in the practical application?

1) video surveillance is a kind of active detection means, it is different from the general intensity detection method, is directly on the target detection, at the same time, it can combine multiple detection results correlate, accurate judgment, therefore, is the best means of real-time dynamic monitoring. All the elements of the image technology can achieve security system (detection, monitoring system, perimeter and access management).

2) effective auxiliary means of other systems, such as anti check means of intrusion alarm system. In the security system early, TV monitoring

Is the role of the police review, due to the high cost, can be used in high security areas. It is a variety of technical systems (alarm, character recognition

Don't, building environment monitoring technology is widely used in the auxiliary). Real time, real, visual information is the main basis of command and decision.

3) records the information integrity and authenticity, information recording and storage is a basic function of the security requirements of the system, and its value is true

The true and complete record information. Video surveillance system records information security system is the most complete and authentic content, can be used as evidence

And afterwards investigation provide the basis. This is another technical systems cannot be done. It can not only record the events of the state, but also

In the process of development and disposal of record results, provide a reference for improving the system.

4) technology system of video monitoring system and security system and realize the sharing of resources, become a part of other automation system. Such as fire, building management. Sharing and other building automation system to realize the resource security system can only monitor. Can the entrance system and other management system to realize the sharing of resources, but because of the huge difference of safety requirement, the degree of sharing is limited, but the effect is not very good.

5) video surveillance security system is the core technology integration, function integration, usually, the best way to realize the system integration is: the expansion of a subsystem in the core function, control platform interactive functions, and other subsystems to form a unified (user interface). At present, the security system


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