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  • Smart home industry development, intelligent switch to help!


    In the household electricity, all kinds of switches is one of our lives will be an indispensable tool, we implement switch lamp through the ZA switch, but we dont always remember turn off the switch, sometimes go out in haste will inevitably forget to close the switch, and then, we may often has been… [MORE]

  • Remote intelligent wireless switch to help you open the door to the future!


    In holds many lessons for intelligent machines use universal time, smart home also is no longer what rare thing, but there are also a lot of people have been questioned in the prospects for the development of intelligent furniture industry that not much room for development. But in fact, smart home h… [MORE]

  • Property new selling motion sensor lamps


    from edisons first incandescent lighting to todays oceans, "light" after several years of the revolution, not only spread to every family, even in the past be forgotten corridor also spend a variety of lighting fixtures.with the home decoration industry, the ancient corridor manual switch l… [MORE]

  • Switch socket: Remote Switch emission


    radio remote control module is the use of radio signals on the remote control of the various agencies remote control device. these signals are distant absorption absorption device can command or drive machinery may be appropriate in other electronic equipment, to complete the various operations, such… [MORE]