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Smart home industry development, intelligent switch to help!

add time:2015-07-16



In the household electricity, all kinds of switches is one of our lives will be an indispensable tool, we implement switch lamp through the ZA switch, but we don't always remember turn off the switch, sometimes go out in haste will inevitably forget to close the switch, and then, we may often has been away from home for a long distance the, if return to close the switch may delay we do a lot of things. And now the emergence of intelligent switches will be very good for you to solve similar problems, even if you do not have to forget to close, come up with a mobile phone to control power.
In the smart phone universal use of the moment, higher demand for life to open the boom of the smart switch. The old switch in the use of extremely inconvenient, whether in space or time has a great limitation of control. The intelligent switch can completely break the time and space constraints, through remote control can easily achieve home lighting control.
       In recent years, the rapid development of China's smart home market, consumer demand is growing. Statistics show that in the use of a variety of smart home, the demand for intelligent switch is the most huge, and even has exceeded the demand for intelligent security, can account for more than half of the total demand. Intelligent lighting control in China has been a rapid development, it allows consumers from the perspective of a direct sense of the charm of smart home life. In a sense, the performance of the smart switch and the market prospects, and even determine the future development of smart home!
And Zhengzhou is real Technology Co., Ltd. should be market demand for R & D and production of various types of wireless intelligent switch, wireless socket, wife socket, can meet the different needs of customers and the market, the future prospects for smart home life refueling help! 

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