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Intelligent power-saving switch

add time:2012-04-26



Intelligent power-saving switch

Infrared intelligent power-saving switch automatic control products based on infrared technology, when someone enters the sensing range, special sensors to detect the infrared spectra of the human body, automatically switch on load, people do not leave the sensing range, will continue to turn; when people leave, delay self closing load. People to light, people from the lights out, cordial and convenient, safe and energy-saving, showing more humane care.

Infrared intelligent power-saving switch due to the trigger when you don't need to issue any sound, but when people pass by the body to emit infrared heat control lamp open, when people leave, after a certain time delay, automatically extinguished. Because different from the sound and light control lights, do not need to control the sound and sound control switch, so as to avoid noise interference, and because it is the induction of human body heat control switch, so to avoid invalid power loss, energy saving.

Now the lighting in public places (such as public corridors and stairwells) is the most widely used a few years ago, the sound and light controlled delay lamps and switches. This kind of lamps and switches, the people to light, people take the lights off, has become the mainstream products in public places lighting switch. Of course, this product really realized the purpose of saving energy to a certain extent, but also to people's living environment caused some damage. Because of its performance limitations, the sound and light control lamp and automatic control switch to realize the (over 60 dB) with sound, quiet environment for the public to cause certain noise pollution.

With the development of society and people's attention to the ecological environment, the sound and light control lamps and switches has been gradually unable to meet the needs of people, the requirements of automatic lighting control products more energy saving and environmental protection, in order to meet the demand of high quality of life.

Infrared intelligent power-saving switch is based on infrared sensor technology mature platform, high-tech elements more added and the formation of high-tech products has a broad market prospect, which makes up for the defects of sound and light control technology, with the realization of automatic control of it need not sound and other will affect the environment conditions but, when people pass by the body to emit infrared heat finally realizes the automatic control function of it.

At the same time, because it is integrated into the more advanced high-tech elements, more energy-saving, more environmental protection.

The main technical indicators

2, load characteristics: full load power: 25w-200w compatible

3, the induction range: 120 degrees angle 5 to less than 6m

4, lighting control: < 120lux > 250lux automatically extinguished automatically (one room)

5, close delay: 9 min+30s

6, connection: three line cascade type

7, power consumption: less than 10MW

8, working temperature: -20 degrees C +50

Infrared intelligent power-saving switch using the human body infrared induction principle, the use of advanced integrated circuits and multiple precision electronic components, it has the following characteristics:

1, the use of advanced mature integrated circuit high power energy saving, power consumption is only 2 to 3 years.

2, using the human body infrared induction principle, auxiliary high precision sensor, control and switch without sound, people to light, people take the lights off, the day is not bright, bright night (during the day because of strong light, the sensor automatically shut down, thus) to guarantee the building of living space quiet.

Electronic components, precision of the multiple combinations of 3, to avoid the strong current in the moment of the lamp trigger (sound and light control to produce strong currents in the exhibit of lanterns triggered, this moment) can greatly prolong the service life of ordinary light bulb (above 5 times), the product life of up to 8 years, to avoid long period lamp replacement pain, at the same time also realized the purpose of saving energy.

Infrared intelligent power-saving switch according to the needs of various installation environment, the installation of two can meet various environmental conditions:

Induction angle 1, wall embedded intelligent infrared induction lamp can reach 120 degrees, to overcome the problems of the dead corridor, even in the corner of the corridor, induction lamp can work normally.

2, ceiling type intelligent infrared induction lamp with the characteristics of high sensitivity, wide angle, has been widely used in the corridor, corridor, bathroom, balcony, its beautiful appearance, can be used with a variety of luxury lighting, not only solves the noise sound control lamp and manual switch lamp and inconvenience, and can get excellent decorative effect.

Infrared intelligent power switch is a kind of high-tech product, its stable performance, truly energy-saving and environmental protection, can be said to be the perfect sound and light control products of alternative products.

This product is through the human body radiation, can automatically and quickly turn all kinds of lamps, anti-theft alarm, automatic door and other electrical equipment. Particularly suitable for hotels, apartments, senior, enterprises and institutions, shopping malls, corridor, corridor etc.. Way as a trigger and trigger continuously.


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