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  • Saving smart switch


    saving smart switchsaving smart switchinfrared intelligent power switch is based on infrared technology, automatic control products, when someone enters the sensing range, special sensors to detect changes in the human body infrared spectrum, automatically switches the load, do not leave the sensing … [MORE]

  • State "Twelve five" emission reduction


    recently, the state council issued "on the issuance of" second five "comprehensive energy conservation program of work notice" to determine the next five years, the general requirements of energy conservation, the main objectives and strengthen energy conservation ma… [MORE]

  • The new real estate selling human body induction lamp


    The new real estate selling human body induction lampFrom the first incandescent lamp invented by Edison to todays lighting ocean, "light" has experienced hundreds of years of revolution, not only spread to every family, even in the past forgotten corridor and use a variety of lighting fixt… [MORE]

  • Switch socket: Remote Switch emission and absorption of part of works


    Radio remote control module is the use of radio signals to various institutions to regulate the distance remote control device. These signals can be absorbed by distant absorption device, can drive instruction or perhaps a variety of other electronic equipment the appropriate machinery, to complete a… [MORE]