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  • The household electricity remote switch socket safety


    With the development of intelligent, the scope of use of the remote control switch with remote control socket is more and more widely. Become a necessary for each family of small Dianliao. Small remote shape, socket, but indirectly related to the familys life wealth insurance. According to 2014 the f… [MORE]

  • How to protect the remote control switch circuit


    Actually life experience of people generally know how to protect the remote control switch closed circuit, the general is through current and voltage protection remote control switch. DC cover path, is remote control switch in the power path, in order to cover mobilize tube is pathway short circuit, … [MORE]

  • Property new selling motion sensor lamps


    from edisons first incandescent lighting to todays oceans, "light" after several years of the revolution, not only spread to every family, even in the past be forgotten corridor also spend a variety of lighting fixtures.with the home decoration industry, the ancient corridor manual switch l… [MORE]

  • Switch socket: Remote Switch emission


    radio remote control module is the use of radio signals on the remote control of the various agencies remote control device. these signals are distant absorption absorption device can command or drive machinery may be appropriate in other electronic equipment, to complete the various operations, such… [MORE]