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The household electricity remote switch socket safety

add time:2015-05-29



With the development of intelligent, the scope of use of the remote control switch with remote control socket is more and more widely. Become a necessary for each family of small Dianliao. Small remote shape, socket, but indirectly related to the family's life wealth insurance. According to 2014 the fire Yearbook "and other relevant data shows, domestic annual episodes of electrical fire accounted for days over 30% of the sum of the fire, which caused by poor remote switch socket accounted for equal proportion, this had to let us to the family remote control switches, sockets safety attention.

The safety of the remote switch socket lets the person start to pay attention to choose the safe, reliable remote control switch socket. Always thought that many people simply think remote control switch can be opened and closed, and the socket can call, without this spend more money, but it will cause the consequences are often ignored.

For many families, a high-power air-conditioning machine or electric heater, DC more than 10 amperes, but feel free to buy a 3-5 Abe socket, that operation, plug and socket fever jump fire situation, seizure fire probability rate increasing sharply. But many people willing to inject thousands and even sunshine million build houses; to spend ten how many million engaged in the decoration; spend how many million yuan to buy a color TV, air conditioners, computers and other high-grade appliances, but homes did not have to spend many yuan, many ten yuan to buy a more secure remote control switch socket.

It seems that this view is particularly important for the people to change.. Now there are some families tend to choose the all-weather socket, whether what Dianliao bolt are in part is the sky drag to drag. This is very dangerous. All-weather socket using the rise although convenient, but the experiment it climb electric interval clearance is very small, a bolt is inserted after, Dianliao will be line short-circuit and burn, and then trigger the fire.

In the vicinity of the remote control switch socket to try to avoid placing explosive and combustible objects to the maximum process of reducing the risk of occurrence.

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