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  • Products Name:Voice prompts (Electronic Security) for security companies and banks HT-801

    Function Description:This product uses high-sensitivity infrared sensor technology, analysis and processing by a dedicated chip microcomputer, high sensitivity, and high reliability. In the course of their work product, if people enter the infrared sensing area, the product will send a clear voice pr… 【MORE】

  • Products Name:Wired data & wireless data transfer module HT-5804

    Features:This module is widely used in wired alarm host, building intercom and other wired devices extend wireless terminal areas, such as wireless infrared detectors, wireless emergency button, wireless smoke detector, wireless door sensor, etc, it will convert the transmitted signals into four rela… 【MORE】

  • Products Name:GSM power failure alarm HT-6805GT

    Product Details:Power failure alarm is widely used in fish ponds, farms, security, power equipment, banking, telecommunications,factories, railways, room, uninterruptible power supplies, biopharmaceutical important machinery and equipment, 24-hour operation of production lines, base stations, communi… 【MORE】

  • Products Name:Power-off Alarm

    Functional characteristics:It will alarm when the power is cut or, it will not stop until the power on or its battery finished. Widely used in computer room, power duty room and so on. Technical Parameters:Voltage:DC9V (alkaline battery)Defense voltage:AC175V~265V。AC380V optional Alarm:120dBTem… 【MORE】