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Wired data & wireless data transfer module HT-5804




This module is widely used in wired alarm host, building intercom and other wired devices extend wireless terminal areas, such as wireless infrared detectors, wireless emergency button, wireless smoke detector, wireless door sensor, etc, it will convert the transmitted signals into four relay switch signal output, eliminating some occasions can not be connected wired detector drawbacks, truly wireless and wired docking alarm equipment. Small size, can be placed directly on the bottom of the switch box 86, with easy installation, high receiver sensitivity. At the same time it can be equipped with remote control AWAY, STAY (1,2 zone work, 3,4 zone is closed), emergency disarm. Can be self-learning code, module can learn five remote control, each zone can learn five different coded wireless devices. (A case where there is no remote control, the module defaults away arming state)

Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: DC12V

Current job: 100mA

Operating frequency: 315Mhz, 433Mhz optional

Output type: normally closed output

Receiving distance: 500 meters (open air)

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