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Voice prompts (Electronic Security) for security companies and banks HT-801



Function Description:

This product uses high-sensitivity infrared sensor technology, analysis and processing by a dedicated chip microcomputer, high sensitivity, and high reliability. In the course of their work product, if people enter the infrared sensing area, the product will send a clear voice prompts (voice can be customized), bright LED warning light will start as well, really serve as a reminder as a warning, which can effectively guarantee safety of the property and information of the users. Widely used in important places like banks buffet area, supermarkets, financial room.

Technical Parameters:

Operating voltage: DC12V

Current job: 200mA

Quiescent Current: 30mA

Sensing distance: 7-12 meters

Induction angle: 15 ° (cone)

Audio output power: 2W / 8Ω

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