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  • Products Name:Wireless alarm system HT-5819

    Using the large window design, high sensitivity, anti-jamming, few misinformation;The detector using size AAA battery, over length stand-by time;4-channel lamination displaying, with alarm memory function;Galvanizing auto-arming, panel arming, remote control arming etc arming mode;Panel set up defens… 【MORE】

  • Products Name:Low-power digital wireless remote control socket HT-6805WCX

    Product Features:Using SCM process control, it is convenience that paired with the remote control by learning code, high sensitivity remote control, long distance, accurate reporting, standard two-hole plug. Output standard two-hole, three-hole interface, with lamps, fans, humidifiers, and all other … 【MORE】

  • Products Name:Walnut single-button slide cover remote control

    Technical Parameters:Operating frequency: 315Mhz / 433MhzChip Type: PT2262 / EV1527Code Type: welding code or one million fixed set of codesOscillation Resistance: 1.5M / 4.7MModulation: ASKRemote control distance: 500m (open Air) 【MORE】

  • Products Name:HT-6802 2-channel digital wireless remote control switch

    Product Features:Wireless remote control for electric burglar alarm, remote control electric windows, signal control, industrial control, lifting equipment and control the circuitry of the other equipment. Each switch digital output.Technical Parameters:Product Configuration: 10A LSONGLE relays, tran… 【MORE】