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Human Infrared Induction Switch HT-86



Function characteristics:

The human infrared induction switch is inducted through the human body, can turn on the light ,auto-door and alarm system automatically in a short time. Especially for middle, high class hotel, department, enterprise and public institution, shopping mall, corridor and so on.

Technology Parameter:

Working Voltage: AC150-260V

Controlled power: 200W(Resistive load)

Detection Angle: 360°(Taper)

Detection Distance: 7-10meters

On-Off-Delay: 30-300 seconds(adjustable)

Light Control Function: Light control/Un-Light control can be set

Temperature: -20-50

Mode Of Connection: two wires cascade

Product Dimensions: 85×86×32mm

Packing Dimensions: 95×63×73mm

Human Infrared Induction Switch HT-618


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