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GSM high-power three-phase intelligent digital remote control switch HT-7380GSM



Remote control the high-power three-phase motor and power supply equipment at long distance. With phase overload protection in the main engine. To ensure that the motor will not phase loss or overload to cause the electrical fault in the course of working. With manual switch function and phase loss and power off SMS alerts.

Technical Parameters:

Product Configuration: 18A / 30A / 65A AC contactor selection

Power supply voltage: AC380V

Control power: 18A / 4KW, 30A / 7.5KW, 65A / 20KW

Remote distance: unlimited distances, where there is a GSM signal is available

Control: SMS control, ring control, timing control, Fetion control

Frequency: 900Mhz / 1800Mhz

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